Photographer: Roy B. Westin

Lighthouse Depot

Detroit, MI

Built: 1874

Construction: Brick Warehouse

Status: Proposed Museum

Location: Detroit, MI

Height: (3) story

Lighthouse Depot History: Supply depot's were built throughout the (12) lighthouse districts to store illuminating oils, fuels, buoys, lenses and other equipment needed to maintain lighthouses. The first was built on Staten Island New York in 1864. Detroit received the first depot in the Great Lakes Region in 1869. The Treasury Department was given part of property on Mt. Elliot from the United States Marine Hospital. Construction of a permanent warehouse began in 1871 and completed in 1874. The impressive, unaltered, (3) story brick building still stands. It has a gabled roof supported by iron trusses and a beautiful arched doorway. The overall size of the building is 40 feet by 60 feet. It has been used as the U.S. Coast Guard Group Headquarters until being recently transferred to the City of Detroit for use as a museum.

Photographer: Roy B. Westin




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