Photographer: Debbie Westin

Windmill Point

Detroit, MI

Built: 1838, 1866, 1875, 1891, 1933

Construction: Conical, Steel

Status: Active

Location: Detroit, MI

Height: 42 feet

Access: Car, I-375 to East Jefferson. Turn right on Alter Rd. following 1 mile to Detroit Mariner Park. The lighthouse in on the South end of the park approximately 1 block away. The light is located approximately 500 feet inside the Detroit /Grosse Pointe Park border.

Lighthouse History: A Federal lighthouse was first built here in 1883. This was to help mariners with navigation through the narrow passage at the head of the Detroit River. The lighthouse at this point was reconstructed (4) times before the current structure was put into place. In 1993 a steel, white conical structure was erected and still stands today. It is fitted with a Sixth Order Fresnel lens with a flashing white light. the focal plane of this light is at 42 feet.  

Photographer: Roy Westin


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