Photographer: Roy B. Westin

Photo courtesy of: U.S. Coast Guard

Bois Blanc Island

Bois Blanc Island, MI

Built :  1867

Type : Square, brick

Status : Inactive

Location : Northeastern tip of Bois Blanc Island on Northern Lake Huron.

Access : Boat

List of Keepers - 1829 thru 1924

1829 - 1843

Eber Ward

1843 - 1845

William Church

1845 - 1854

Lyman Granger

1854 - 1855

Mrs. Charles O'Malley

1855 - 1857

Henry W. Grainger

1857 - 1857

Mary Grainger (filled in few months)

1857 - 1859

Peter Therien

1859 - 1861

Charles Syons

1861 - 1866

Charles Louisignau

1866 - 1867

Charles Hamel

1867 - 1870

John Wackter

1870 - 1874

Vetal Bourisau

1874 - 1881

Levi Chapman

1881 -1881

William Marshal (acting 2 months)

1881 - 1894

Lorenzo Holden

1894 - 1924

Henry Metivier

History of the Light :  Congress had appropriated $5,000 on May 23, 1828 for construction of a lighthouse on Bois Blanc Island and a station was first established here in 1829. The tower and keeper's house were constructed by Philo Scoville of Cleveland Ohio. This was the second lighthouse constructed on Lake Huron with Fort Gratiot being the first. In 1838, the original tower collapsed because of it's construction too close to the water's edge. A new lighthouse was constructed that same year and still stands today. The entire structure is built of colorful yellow brick with a square tower and attached keeper's house with a gabled roof. The original lens was a Fourth Order Fresnel which remained in service until it's deactivation in 1924. At that time it was ordered to be sold by the Secretary of Commerce. Sale of the lighthouse and property finally took place in 1925. The entire structure along with a yellow brick outhouse is still standing today. This lighthouse happens to be one of the few that never fell into jurisdiction of the U.S. Coast Guard although the later skeletal towers were.


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