Keeper's Quarters with Light

Assistant Keeper's Quarters

Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Port Boca Grande Light 

Boca Grande, FL

Built: 1890

Construction: Steel foundation, Wood Frame Dwelling

Status: Active (white, flashing)

Height: 30 feet 

Location: South end of Gasparilla Island, FL at the Charlotte Harbor entrance.

Access: From U.S. 41, take FL 776 Southwest bearing left onto FL 771 and continue for approx. 6 miles. After crossing Coral Creek, turn right  then turn left on Gasparilla Road and continue for approx. 6 miles. Turn right and then left, almost immediately, onto Gulf Boulevard. Follow for approx. 2 miles to the Light at the Southern end of the island.

Lighthouse History: The Port Boca Grande Light was constructed in 1890. Rich deposits of phosphate rock found in central Florida were being shipped out of Charlotte Harbor in the late 1900's. The large increase in vessel traffic required the construction of this light to help with navigation through the harbor entrance. Congress provided $35,000 at that time for construction of the lights. In 1940, fire damaged the assistant's quarters. After the 1950's, erosion started to become a problem and in 1966 the light was automated. In 1968 the light station was closed with the beacon being moved 2 miles North to the Boca Grande Rear Range Light. Over the following years, land was being eroded away causing the light station to lean. In 1972 two stone jetties were constructed by the federal government. These were then backfilled to protect the light station. In the 1980's the light station was restored. Being recommissioned in November of 1986, it is again an active aid to navigation.

Area Attractions: This lighthouse and keeper's quarters can be visited and toured with a public beach surrounding the museum. Gasparilla Island is an exclusive area with many beautiful homes along the shoreline. The light is located within the Gasparilla Island State Recreation Area which requires a entrance fee of $2.00. There is also a small toll required at the bridge before crossing over to Gasparilla Island.

Barrier Islands GEO Park, P.O. Box 1150, Boca Grande, FL 33921  phone# (941) 964-0375


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