Being the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese, providing habitat to several undiscovered and discovered unique animals, birds, and reptiles, famous for their carnival festival, and having a largest relaxing beach almost 24,606 feet long, and lastly renowned for its cacao nuts are only some of the many reasons why Brazil should end up in your bucket list. Having many mesmerizing tourist spots and variants in food culture, the land is also famous for casinos. Even though the country is restricted from gambling, you can find great games to indulge in to find out your luck. Here in this post, we present some of the best casinos located on the lands of Brazil! Sit back and enjoy reading.

Gavea Hippodrome


One of Brazil’s enormous gambling is horse betting, and we introduce Gavea Hippodrome, where the horse betting occasion takes place. It is an old and rustic classic place where players gather and bet on horses. One can find the casino, Gavea Hippodrome, one kilometer away from the Ipanema beach. If you love placing betting and predicting who will win at racing, Gavea is the right choice for you to indulge in trying your luck. The casino offers good drinks, and the entry s also free. The casino is located in Rio de Janerio.

Amambay Hotel and Casino

Amambay is a hotel that offers extravagant and luxurious casino experiences and services with the best hospitality and services. The environment is filled with great architecture, lights, elegance, drinks, music, and comfort. Amambay Hotel and Casino offers you with best in industry experience both while trying your luck at the counters as well as in-room service. The casino promises you with a heavenly experience, which they offer without any fail. This elegant casino is located in Ponta Pora.

Hippodrome de Cidade Jardim

Hippodrome de Cidade Jardim

This casino is another platform where you can relax and try your luck in horse race betting, just like Gavea. Hippodrome de Cidade Jardim is one of the largest racing Casa in Brazil. The plaza consists of four closed-back lanes and has two available lanes for training the horses. The famous horse racing takes place only on Saturdays and Mondays. The Hipódromo de Cidade Jardim is located in Sao Paulo. If you ever wish to visit Sao Paulo, you know where to try your luck.

The Grand Casino Iguazu & Resort Spa

The Grand Casino Iguazu & Resort Spa is located in the regions of New Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is a beautifully constructed plaza for the tourists as well as players who love the casino atmosphere. The architecture, light, drinks, and cosy hotel rooms make the plaza a heavenly treat. The casino offers players various table games and slot games as well.

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