Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Huron Lighthouse

Huron, OH

Built :  1835, 1936

Construction :  Square, steel

Type: Breakwater

Status : Active

Location : Huron, Ohio

Lat.  41 24' 34" N   -   Long.  82 32' 36" W

Height : 72 feet

Access : Car, parking near Light. 

Huron Boat Basin and Amphitheater Web Link

Photo courtesy of: U.S. Coast Guard


Lighthouse History :  A light station was first established here in 1835. At that time the square West Pierhead Light was put into operation, visible in the upper right photograph. This structure would later work as a rear range light and be used as the operation center for the remote tower currently in use today. The foundation of this original light is still clearly visible along with part of the original railing.

Built in 1936, the current lighthouse it is located at the end of the extended pier that extends approximately one mile from shore. The new pier extends approximately 1/2 of a mile beyond the location of the West Pierhead Light. As a breakwater light, it is of a lighter but still strong type of construction. The white tower is of a "Art Moderne" style steel plate construction on a concrete foundation. It initially worked as the front range light with a diaphone type fog signal. The (rear range) West Pierhead Light was eventually be removed with only the breakwater light remaining.

To the right is a photograph of the inside of the breakwater light looking through one of the windows on February 25, 2001.

The tower originally supported a lantern room with a remote operated beacon visible in the photograph below. 

Photo courtesy of: U.S. Coast Guard

The lantern room was later removed and replaced with a 375 MM beacon. Automated in 1972, the light still operates as an active aid to navigation with an operational, electric fog signal horn.  

Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Photo courtesy of: U.S. Coast Guard

It now serves mainly recreational boaters as well as the occasional lake freighter entering the Huron River.


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