Photographer: Roy B. Westin

Photo courtesy of: U.S. Coast Guard

Toledo Harbor

Toledo, OH

Built :  1904

Construction :  Conical/Integral, brick

Status : Active

Location : 8 miles Northeast of Toledo Harbor

Height : 72 feet

Access : Boat, 8 miles Northeast of Toledo Harbor.

Photographer: Roy B. Westin

Lighthouse History :  In 1897, the shipping channel entering into Toledo Harbor was dredged deeper and wider to allow for an increase in shipping traffic. Commerce increased dramatically, requiring the need for a permanent light to mark the shipping channel.

In 1901, construction of the light station began with a crib being sunk and filled with stone. A concrete base was then added to the top of the crib foundation. Steel frames were then built to support the three-story, yellow brick keeper's quarters and attached fog signal building. It was designed with a Romanesque-style construction and living quarters for a keeper and two assistants. A cylindrical tower of 13 feet in diameter supports a lantern that is also cylindrical with a diameter of 8 feet 6 inches. The characteristics of this light are two white flashes with a single red flash. This is produced by a Third and One-half Order Fresnel lens, manufactured by Barbier & Benard of Paris, with a large 180 bulls-eye, two smaller 60 bulls-eyes and a ruby red half cylinder of glass. The rotation was originally operated by a weighted clockwork mechanism. In 1965 the light was automated with an electric motor now rotating the lens.

 The light is still operates as an active aid to navigation and the harbor is still very busy with grain as one of it's major exports.


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