Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Forty Mile Point

Rogers City, MI

Built :  1897, 1935

Construction :  Integral, Brick

Status : Active

Location : Rogers City, MI - Presque Isle County

Lat.  45 29' 12" N  -  Long.  83 54' 48" W

Height : 53 feet

Access : Car, parking near the light.

Directions: From the South (Rogers City) follow US23 approximately 6.3 miles to the Presque Isle County Lighthouse Park on the right. Signs to the park should be visible approximately 2 miles North of the State Park.


Photo courtesy of: U.S. Coast Guard

Lighthouse History: Built in 1896, this lighthouse was constructed on Forty Mile Point, a rounding projection 6.6 miles Northwest of Rogers City and approximately 29 miles East-Southeast of Cheboygan. It's beacon marks the southern corner of Hammond Bay.

Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Built on a foundation of wood pilings, this station is unique with the layout of it's keeper's quarters. It is constructed as a duplex with each a mirror image of the other. Separating the duplex are four rows of brick walls with "dead" air-space between. The attics are a walk-up type with skylights lighting the stairways. On the shore side, each half has a hurricane door with high ceiling basements and a dwelling entrance. The lake side has a set of dormer windows and an entrance on each side if the tower. Inside, there is an entrance leading to the tower for each side. A wood stove heats the tower during the winter months with a chimney leading up beyond the lantern room.


The three story, integral red-brick tower is 53-foot tall and 12-foot square. Three sides of the tower are painted white as a day-mark. There are a total of 56 wrought iron steps leading to the lantern room. The first two stories have twin windows on the lake side only. the top floor has single windows on three sides.

Fitted with a Fourth Order Fresnel lens, the light exhibits a white beacon with a lens focal plane of  66 feet above lake level. The beacon was first lit on May 1, 1897. It was originally powered by a weighted clockwork mechanism that had to be reset every four hours.

The entire light station consists of the light tower and keeper's dwellings, an oil house, a brick fog signal building with a large steam driven fog signal and two brick privies. Construction of the entire complex was completed with a total cost of approximately $25,000.

In 1935, the light was reconstructed.

In 1969, the light was automated with a white beacon now flashing on 6 second intervals. The steam fog signal has since been removed.

Photographer: Keith W. Churill

One of the stations two brick privies.

Photographer: Roy B. Westin


Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Restoration: The lighthouse grounds are currently owned by the County of Presque Isle with Coast Guard access to the optics. The station is now open to the public with a museum and gift shop maintained by the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society. Visitors can climb the tower and view the still operational lens. The fog signal building, now empty, can also be viewed inside.

Remains of the vessel Joseph S. Faye, along with the barge in tow when it foundered, can be seen just down the beach from the light station.

40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society

133 N. Third St. Rogers City, MI 49779

(888) 854-9700 or (517) 734-2577

Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Inside the now empty Fog Signal building.

Hours: Grounds Open Daily  (8 AM TO 10 PM) The Lighthouse, museum and gift shop are open every weekend, May through October (12:00 noon to 4:00 PM)



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