Photographer: Jeffrey W. Churill

Photographer: Keith  W. Churill

Port Sanilac

Port Sanilac, MI

Built: 1886

Construction: Octagonal, Brick

Status: Active, private residence

Location: Port Sanilac, MI.

Height: 59 feet

Access: Car, parking is available just South of the light. With the lighthouse being private property, access around it is prohibited. Viewing from the parking lot is very good. You can also walk down toward the beach and breakwater to get a great view of the lighthouse and harbor.

Boat, the light is located just off  the Southwest corner of the harbor. A short 1 block walk to get a closer look.


Lighthouse History: Constructed in 1886, this lighthouse is still used as an active aid to navigation. It's location relative to Lake Huron puts it's lens focal plane 69 feet above the mean low water level. The light has an octagonal cast iron lantern with a  Fourth Order Fresnel lens manufactured in Paris by Barbier & Fenestre. The lens creates an illumination arc of 300 degrees, using a brass reflector with nine fixed panels, that can be seen sixteen miles out. The light was originally white, burning continuously. The light now alternates 3 seconds on, 3 seconds off and maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard. The first light keeper was Mr. Richard Morris, working from 1886 until 1893. The second and final light keeper was Mr. William Holmes, working from 1893 until 1926.

Area Attractions: Port Sanilac is just one of many beautiful small towns along the Lake Huron shoreline. Twenty five miles North of Port Huron, this town has become a popular stop along M-25. It's state run harbor is also a popular stop-over for boats traveling along the Lake Huron coast.


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