Photographer: Roy Westin

Muskegon South Pier Light

Muskegon, MI

Built :  1903

Type : Conical, Cast iron

Status : Active

Location : Muskegon, MI

Height : 53 feet

Access : Car, Park at Pere Marquette Park and walk through NOAA's parking lot (next door to the Coast Guard Station).  NOAA occupies the old Coast Guard building and there is a fence but it is kept open.  This driveway will take you North to the pier head where you can walk up to the light.


Photographer: Keith W. Churill



Photographer: Roy Westin

History of the Light : Muskegon during the 1880's was known as the "Lumber Queen of the World", home to lumber barons Charles H. Hackley and Thomas Hume. Just about all the lumber was transported around the Midwest via the Great Lakes. From 1852 to 1903, the entrance to the Muskegon River and Lake Muskegon was marked by a beacon atop the keeper's dwelling on shore. The 48 foot tower, shown above, was completed in 1903. A semi-circular fourth order Fresnel lense was fitted with a brass reflector to produce a 180 signal. The conical light on the short foot pier is one of Michigan's red Lights. It's red so ships know to enter the mouth of the Muskegon Lake with the light on the right (starboard) side of the ship, thus the term " Red Right Returning ".


 Area Attractions: Calling Muskegon home is the U.S.S. Silversides, a famous submarine of WWII that currently features a maritime museum. There's plenty to do around the City of Muskegon, from riding the seemingly endless bike trails to golfing, sport fishing and lots of nice shops and restaurants.


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