Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Left: The passenger steamer "North American" coming in off Lake Michigan sometime in the early 1900's

Digital image was taken of a photo on display at the Great Lakes Historical Society in Vermilion, Ohio.

St. Joseph North Pier

St. Joseph, MI

Built :  1832, 1859, 1898

Type :  Cylindrical/Octagonal, Cast iron 

Status : Active

Location : St. Joseph, MI

Height : 39, 55 feet

Access : Car, with parking near the Light in Tiscornia Park, and a short walk down the break water. Use caution in rough water conditions.


History of the Light : St. Joseph was one of the first locations in Lake Michigan to have a lighthouse, first established in 1832. This light was constructed on the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. St. Joseph was also thought to be the home of Captain Pickering. 

 In 1859, the original light was replaced. In 1907-1919 the piers where built with the same type of range lights you see today. They originally housed a Fifth Order Fresnel lens in the outer tower and a Fourth Order Fresnel lens in the inner tower.

There are only two light stations of this type still standing, St. Joseph and Grand Haven, both with pier range light systems with catwalks. 

 In 1938 the U.S.C.G. assumed responsibilities of lighthouse services. The original lights of 1907 where torn down in 1955 by the U.S.C.G. and later replaced with replicas.

Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Photographer: Keith W. Churill

Photo courtesy of: U.S. Coast Guard


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