The bottom lands of the Great Lake Basin are covered with more than an estimated 3,000 shipwrecks. Many of these shipwrecks are still being discovered. The Great Lakes have taken many of these ships by ice, fog, storm and other mysterious ways. The cold fresh waters have helped to preserve these wrecks, making for excellent scuba diving exploration. The adventures and mysteries behind these wrecks date from the 1800's to one of the most well known wrecks, the Edmund Fitzgerald, in 1975.

This part of our Web site not only caters to the scuba divers, but also those who are interested in the lore of these shipwrecks. History, photography, locations and accessibility information can be found within.

Most of the diving information and photography comes from my own diving experiences and personal data collection. Dive in and enjoy the experience!

Keith Churill (Diver/Webmaster)


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Author: Keith W. Churill (Diver/Webmaster)


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