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Owner / Team Manager:  Skip Gabler

Throttles / Trim : Keith Churill

Driver / Chief Mechanic: Chuck Brodeur

Crew Chief: Susan Churill

Power: Twin 350 c.i.d. Chevy's

Outdrives: Mercruiser Bravo

Class: Outlaw Performance 5

Boat: 1976 Magnum Sport - (27'-8" )

Crew: Scott & Mary Gabler, Nickolas, Kirsten & Melissa Churill, Colin & Suzanne Forbes

Trophy on Display at Race Rock

in Orlando, Florida

Chuck Brodeur (driving) and Keith Churill (throttles) bring in the checkered flag at the North Channel Offshore Challenge in hometown Algonac, MI, June 6, 2004

Short Circuit is a classic Magnum that started her racing career in 1976 and is still racing today as the oldest boat on the circuit. Her nostalgia making her a highlight of many races, coupled with the ability to consistently bring home a trophy while racing boats of the new decade, has our entire Team proud of their involvement and dedication.

Team Short Circuit finished the 2000, 2001 & 2003 racing seasons as Central Division and a Great Lakes Silver Cup Series Champion. In 2002, Short Circuit ran the entire season strong with an exciting finish - 1st place in Key West at the APBA / UIM World Championships. In 26 years of racing, this gives Short Circuit it's 4th World Championship title, quite an accomplishment for this Vintage Offshore Raceboat.

When passing through Orlando Florida, stop in at Race Rock. You can see the above trophy on display from the "Lake St. Clair Offshore Muskellunge Challenge", a race held in the mid 70's on Lake St. Clair near Detroit, MI. The engraving shows Short Circuit racing in Production I and finishing 1st Place for both 1976 and 1977 (the first 2 years she saw the water).

Because of her age, Short Circuit is also classified as an APBA Vintage Boat. Every year you can see us down at the Detroit Gold Cup Thunderfest. As part of this premier Unlimited Hydroplane event, we participate in APBA Vintage Boat Exhibition Racing.

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